“A restaurateur’s mission is to anticipate what the market needs, even though it doesn’t know it yet.”
Creators of Gastronomic Universes
We are a multi-brand group with over 20 years of experience in the Portuguese market. Our goal is to create original innovative concepts and to place equal emphasis on intrinsically different brands. Our enterprising spirit embraces both the rapid rise of fast casual and the details of haute cuisine.

We are committed to a path oriented by innovation, quality and attention to detail, whilst maintaining a broad portfolio of brands with emphasis on compelling and differentiated identities.

From the shopping center to the street, the cobblestone sidewalk to Michelin stars, Plateform is constantly creating unique gastronomic universes to enhance the future of Portugal’s restaurant industry.
Creating gastronomic universes that anticipate the flavour of the ages and that linger in the taste buds of Portugal
We believe in the immateriality of flavors, in the magic of recipes and in emotions composed over the heat of a kitchen oven and that only the mouth can read. We value the architecture of the senses and the seasoning of details that enhance the service and the overall flavour of the experience. Our soul is vitaminated by the desire to do something different, by the adrenaline of challenges and by a continuous overcoming of obstacles.
To be Portugal's top-of-mouth restaurant group, leader in the diversified offer of authentic gastronomic experiences
We want to have the biggest impact on Portugal’s new restaurant trends and to play an active role in the gastronomic evolution of a country that is increasingly more open to the world. Our mission is to offer authentic gastronomic experiences, in which the diversity of unique concepts, innovation and professionalism are the main ingredients. Being top-of-mouth means continuing to feed our passion for the future of Portugal’s restaurant sector.
Vitaminated spirit
From our CEO and founder Rui Sanches we obtain visionary courage and assertiveness. We have the “addictive” desire to create new projects and the energy of a business and human “muscle” that leads the market and strengthens the group’s brands.
High performance restaurants
We exceed in each “taste” to create innovative restaurants that last over time, in which customer experience is the driver for everything we do.
We want to continue feeding our passion for the future of Portugal’s restaurants, valuing and fostering the talent of everyone who is part of the Plateform universe.

Years of experience





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meals served annually

March 1998
The group’s story begins with the opening of the first Vitaminas restaurant at Atrium Saldanha, Lisbon
A pioneering concept for healthy eating in Portugal.
November 1999
The success of the first Vitaminas restaurant leads to the opening of a second
The place chosen was the Tivoli Fórum.
December 2000
Growth of the chain continues with the opening of the third Vitaminas restaurant in Cascais Shopping
This is the first outside Lisbon.
August 2004
In the year of the sixth anniversary, we reached the 10 restaurant and 100 employees mark
April 2005
The Vitaminas restaurant in Braga Parque starts our expansion into northern Portugal
June 2007
A new concept arrives on the scene, the first Milano patisserie in Amoreiras, Lisbon
February 2008
Our portfolio continues to grow, as we open the first Capri restaurant in Lisbon’s Colombo Shopping Centre
This is the first of our restaurants to focus on Italian cuisine.
March 2009
We now have 500 employees and are continuing to enjoy sustained business growth.
December 2009
The conceptual phenomenon that is Asian cooking arrives in Portugal, with the opening of the country's first Wok to Walk restaurant
The location, the Monumental Shopping Centre in Lisbon.
March 2010
A milestone is reached with the opening of our 50th restaurant
March 2012
The Aprazível brand takes our dining experience outdoors for the first time, in Lisbon’s Chiado district
Here, culinary delights from across the world are brought together in a single eatery.
April 2013
With the Cais de Pedra restaurant, we begin our partnership with Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa
June 2013
Our portfolio grows with the addition of the Honorato brand, which quickly becomes known throughout Portugal for its handcrafted hamburgers
January 2014
New life is breathed into the fine grocery segment, as the Delidelux brand joins our portfolio
May 2014
We open a new spot at the Time Out Market, in partnership with Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa
Following the launch of this iconic place, Chef Henrique is invited to start up a new restaurant.
May 2014
We now have 1,000 employees
May 2015
The group’s first steakhouse, Sala de Corte, opens
This is our first restaurant under Chef Luís Gaspar.
May 2015
Our 100th restaurant opens
June 2015
Growth continues apace in the north of the country, with the arrival of the first Talho do Mercado restaurant at the El Corte Inglés department store in Gaia
November 2015
The opening of Alma marks our first foray into fine dining
Yet another successful pay-off from our partnership with Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa.
December 2015
The first Zero Zero pizzeria opens its doors in Príncipe Real
This is the start of a small gastronomic revolution as regards eating Italian in Lisbon.
February 2016
Opening of the first Talho Burger restaurant in GaiaShopping
November 2016
Alma is awarded its first Michelin Star
This recognition comes just one year after the restaurant opens.
December 2016
The new Delidelux delicatessen opens in Lisbon’s Avenida da Liberdade
The concept of twinning a restaurant with a gourmet grocery arrives in central Lisbon.
January 2017
Time Out names Rui Sanches Lisbon Personality of the Year
February 2017
Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa’s Tapisco Lisboa opens
First-class Iberian cuisine has a new home.
July 2017
The second Zero Zero pizzeria opens
This time, Parque das Nações is the location.
September 2017
Chef Diogo Noronha’s Pesca opens its doors in Príncipe Real
A commitment to sustainability.
December 2017
Opening of Henrique Sá Pessoa’s Balcão at the El Corte Inglés in Lisbon
A restaurant dedicated to Portuguese cuisine at the Gourmet Experience, Lisbon’s new gastronomic hotspot.
December 2017
The Mezzogiorno brand joins our portfolio
May 2018
In just four years, our employee numbers double to over 2,000.
June 2018
Zero Zero opens in the Time Out Market, taking its rightful place amongst the best the city has to offer
August 2018
We add the Tavares restaurant to our portfolio
This landmark of Portuguese dining is one of the oldest restaurants in the world.
August 2018
Opening of the second Tapisco, this time in Porto
Tapas and Portuguese petiscos make their mark on the city.
November 2018
Coyo Taco brings Mexican eating into our portfolio
True street food, brought directly from Miami, bursts onto the Lisbon scene.
November 2018
Alma is awarded its second Michelin Star
Just three years after it opened.
April 2019
The Big Fish Poke restaurant opens its doors in Lisbon
This Hawaiian speciality house is overseen by Chef Luís Gaspar.
April 2019
Wok to Walk moves outdoors for the first time in Portugal, with a new venue in Porto
June 2019
The Mangia Mangia restaurant opens
Oeiras Parque is host to this new concept of Italian cuisine.
July 2019
Lisbon’s first outdoor Wok to Walk opens
October 2019
Lisbon welcoms a new pizzeria: Ribalta
You can now find tradicional italian products at El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience.
October 2019
Multifood becomes Plateform
A new identity that translates the group's variety as a people, concept and ideas' platform.
November 2019
Castro - Atelier de Pastéis de Nata arrives at Porto
This is Plateform's first restaurant dedicated to the famous Portuguese sweet.
December 2019
There's a new Coyo Taco in town
This brand's second restaurante arrives at Cais do Sodré , one of the most energetic areas in town.
February 2020
The 'Real Food Revolution' arrives to Lisbon with Honest Greens
The first venue of the brand outside of Spain is also Plateform's 150th restaurant.
October 2020
The revolution continues with the opening of the second Honest Greens in Lisbon, at Amoreiras Plaza
In less than a year, the capital got greener and tastier for all diets.
October 2020
The big and cheeky Los Buenos arrives to NorteShopping
A traditional taqueria inspired in Mexico City and its vibrant mix of tradition, modernity, contemporary arts and culinary ambition.
December 2021
The charm of Rocco opens its doors to Lisbon
On the ground floor of Hotel The Ivens and with doors open to the outside, Rocco brings a unique gastronomic experience to the capital.
December 2021
Castro – Atelier de Pastéis de Nata arrives to Lisbon
Our atelier specialized in the confection of pastéis de nata opens its doors in Lisbon, after its success in the Invicta city.
April 2022
Honest Greens arrives to Porto
A much anticipated opening that represents the Real Food Revolution growth in Portugal!
July 2022
Pica-Pau restaurant opens its doors in the heart of Lisbon
A space that accompanies the flavours and traditions of Portuguese gastronomy.
August 2022
Honest Greens opens a new space in Lisbon
The "Real Food Revolution" arrives at Avenida da Liberdade, with an organic and informal space.
September 2022
Journey to old Lisbon with the opening of Brilhante
Inspired by the Lisbon eateries of days gone by, we want to preserve memories and traditions, in a truly elegant setting.
October 2022
Honest Greens opens a fourth restaurant in Lisbon
After opening in Avenida da Liberdade, we arrive in Chiado with the fifth space in Portugal.
December 2022
Opening of Casa Mia in Colombo Shopping Centre
A restaurant that brings Italian tradition to the table, in a shopping centre.
January 2023
Rui Sanches distinguished with the Special Award NX Hotelaria Empresário de Restauração 2022
Plateform is again to be congratulated!
February 2023
Honest Greens celebrates 3 years in Portugal with the opening of a new restaurant
Cais do Sodré was the location chosen for the brand's sixth restaurant. The Historic Centre of Lisbon now has "Real Food".
February 2023
"Personalidade do Ano na Gastronomia” awarded to Rui Sanches
This distinction is added to the many already received by the Plateform CEO, who currently has 2,557 employees and 148 restaurants in 25 gastronomic universes.