Multifood is now Plateform - the rebranding of the year
October 2019

In the year in which we celebrate the 21st anniversary of the opening of Vitaminas, our first restaurant, we decided that it was time to reinvent ourselves. We felt the need to create a new identity, a brand that could better represent us as a group whose business activity ranges from fast casual to fine dining.

As we grew and diversified our portfolio, we came to realise that our brand did not really do justice to the levels of commitment and expertise that characterise the way we work. This led us to create Plateform, a brand platform through which we can present ourselves as an aggregating group for the concepts, people and talents that we have always been.

Following the completion of a two-year project, in collaboration with Ivity Brand Corp, Plateform, which now sees itself as a creator of culinary universes, was officially revealed to the public on 24 October. And our mission? To continue to feed our passion for the future of the restaurant business in Portugal.

Lançamento Plateform

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